sabato 28 aprile 2007

Holy Diver (FC) - Complete

't was a dark and stormy... well, whatever: it was the 28th of April, 1989, Japan. Painfully aware of their lack of a feature which could make their action game barely worthwhile, the engineers at Irem Corporation decided to subvert the Divine Laws. Using ancient magick and forbidden summoning techniques, they cast black clouds over their headquarters, and Lo, for Ronnie James Dio in person fell from the sky to bless their little Famicom cartridge with his Holy Name.

And after that, someone screwed up someway, since the game stars Randy R. Crimson, out to find his captive brother, Zakk W., and slay some old-fashioned monstrosities from hell.
It's not a bad action game either!

Translation st
atus: complete - patch v1.0

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Thank for your translation. I like it.